We strive to be leaders in corporate governance. Aramex is overseen by a Board of Directors responsible for the adherence to, and implementation of, our Board of Directors’ Charter and Corporate Governance Guidelines. [Read more]

The following are the names of Aramex's Directors:

Mr. Abdullah Mazrui, Chairman.
Mr. Fadi Ghandour, Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Director
Mr. Helal Al-Marri, Director
Mr. Ahmed Al-Badi, Director
Mr. Arif Naqvi, Director
Sheikh Tareq Qassimi, Director
Mr. Ayed Aljeaid, Director
Mr. Mohammed Ali Al-Hashimi, Director

Management Approach 

Our business strategy is designed to maximize the benefits to our stakeholders through responsible profit maximization. In addition, our federal structure allows us to directly contribute economic gain to local communities by providing job opportunities and economic development in our areas of operation. [Read more]


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