Fostering Sustainability at Aramex

By definition, sustainability highlights a commitment to continuous, long-term engagement. At Aramex, sustainability is embedded in our business model. It is a mindset and a strategic business approach for long-term growth through responsible economic, social and environmental activities. Sustainability activities are directed towards shared values through social investment that contribute to the wellbeing of our stakeholders, which is intertwined with the future of Aramex. To further expand our reach, sustainability guidelines have been developed and communicated, demonstrating clear criteria for engagement initiatives as illustrated in the chart on the right.[Read more]

Sustainability Steering Mechanisms

Here are five ways we foster sustainability at Aramex: 

1. Top management involvement
2. Sustainability on all meetings' agendas
3. Two-way communication channels
4. Our code of conduct
5. Individual volunteering opportunities by the people at Aramex

Memberships Around the World

Aramex also maintains a strong commitment to being an active member of the global sustainability field and is invited regularly to speak at conferences, panels and working groups. In 2009, Aramex was a new and ongoing member of several organizations. [Read more]

Holistic Approach

Individual commitments by
the people at Aramex



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