Empowering our Employees

At Aramex, we believe that our people are our primary asset. Therefore we strive to attract and maintain the best talents, while continuously nurturing and offering them opportunities to innovate and achieve. It is this principle that has driven Aramex to respond to the global crisis, not by laying off employees, but rather by partnering with employees through securing their jobs and capitalizing on the opportunity of investing in their potentials. [Read more]

Women in middle management at Aramex


 % of Women in Middle Management in Key Departments


% of Women in Middle Management

 Freight 20%
 Sales 20%
 Quality 25%
 Marketing 43%
 Human Resources 50%

Expanding our employee base in a recession

 Employees between 2007 till 2009

Number of employees
2007 2008 2009





 % of Increase in Employment


 20%  6%

We engaged with our employees through operational meetings, station meetings, brainstorming sessions, performance appraisals, surveys, social events, and through internal channels such as blogs, a microblogging platform, email shots, idea sharing tools, and a video channel. [Read about priority issues and details about our performance here.]



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